Answering service | Also available for english speaking customers!
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Professional answering service

Altijd Antwoord makes sure your phone is always answered. We offer a professional phone service and take care of your phonecalls at times you can’t. Our service is available up to 24/7.

Are you an English speaking company in the Netherlands? You probably want to service Dutch speaking customers as well! Do you also think that missed calls are a missed opportunity? Does your phone often bother you when you want to focus on your work? Do you want your incoming phonecalls to be handled properly? The virtual reception of Altijd Antwoord is there for you and your customers!

Connected immediately

Available immediately after registration.

Always available

100% available between 08.00u - 23.00u

Personal telephonists

Handles calls to your liking!

Pay a set price per call



Interesting from 0 calls and up

Your personal agent



Interesting from 20 calls or more

For mid sized companies



Interesting from 60 calls or more

How does it work?


Contact us and we will guide you through the registration proces. You can choose the phone care package that suits you best.Try free for 30 days! After registration, we will give you a phonenumber to forward your calls to.


You can add your information into the admin desk. We will write a script for our agents, so your calls will always be handled in a proper manner.


While you and your company are focussing on the most important work, our answering service will take care of your incoming calls. There is nothing for you to worry about!


We will keep you  updated on the incoming calls with e-mail notifications. You can also see al the information in the admin panel at any given time. Quick and easy!


Quick & Easy

We want to unburden you as much as we can. That’s why all of our services are quick and easy to work with.

Personal telephonists

Our virtual reception consists of professionally trained and experienced telephonists.

Always available

With our phone service you are available from 8 am untill 6 pm. You can expand this with one of our add-ons. Even up to 24/7!

Monthly service

Don’t worry about long lasting contracts. With us you can change or cancel your packages every month!


By using advanced techniques we are able to keep our prices low. We want everyone to benefit from our phone service!